Weapons law reliability check

Weapons reliability check in a relaxed, anonymous atmosphere.
You must present this reliability check to the authorities as soon as you apply for a firearms license or firearms pass.

This is indispensable in the following cases:

  • Security employees who carry a weapon
  • Sport shooters
  • Inheritance of weapons
  • There is a demonstrable, increased need for security
  • Other reasons...

Please make an appointment by telephone on +43 2682/72906 or +43 664/1969863 or at office@irc-consult.at .

The Implementing Ordinance to the Weapons Act has been in force since July 1, 1997.
Weapons possession card applicants (who are qualified to acquire and possess a weapon) or weapons pass applicants (who are qualified to acquire, possess and carry a weapon) require a psychological report, which is drawn up on the basis of the "Weapons Law Reliability Test".

The statutory price for a gun ownership card or gun pass is € 236.00 netto (€ 283.- brutto).
The price for a further examination if there are doubts about the initial examination result is € 231.00 netto (€ 268.- brutto).
The price for an examination under firearms law following an abnormality detected by the authorities is € 437.00 netto (€ 524 brutto).

Payment: on site, before the start of the exam.

Privacy and data protection:
The utmost discretion is guaranteed. All information and results are treated confidentially and discreetly. Only you as the applicant have the right to view your data and test results. The only exception: In the case of official assignments, the authorities must also be informed by means of an expert opinion.


Dr. Jörg Prieler
Steinweg 5
7051 Großhöflein

The entire test takes about two hours. No preparation is necessary.

A two-phase reliability test is carried out:

Answering a questionnaire to find out important data from your CV.
Two questionnaires that record attitudes and personality traits that are important for dealing with weapons (e.g. emotional stability, social adaptability, self-control, reliability, tendency to aggression, willingness to take risks....)

This is followed by a personal interview in which you explain your reasons for acquiring a firearm and describe your CV. You will receive your certificate shortly after the test.

If there is any doubt regarding a positive assessment during the test, you can choose between a further assessment or discontinuation of the test.

If you continue, you will complete further questionnaires and have the opportunity to discuss with me in detail any points that may have caused you to have doubts about passing the test.

Important notes:

  • Do not consume alcohol the night before
  • Be well-rested and rested
  • No tranquilizers or similar substances that affect your physical condition.
  • Only take medication if it is permanently prescribed by a doctor (e.g. blood pressure medication).

Please bring: Photo ID and, if you wear glasses, be sure to bring your glasses. If you are unable to attend at short notice, please notify us and fix a new date!


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