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What is psychological diagnostics?

The aim of psychological diagnostics is to clarify the causes of psychological complaints. A diagnosis often leads to relief, combined with the realization that you are not alone with your symptoms and enables recommendations for further treatment by psychologists, specialists and psychotherapists.

Furthermore, psychological diagnostics offer the possibility of identifying one's own strengths and weaknesses in the areas of performance, intelligence and personality in order to use these as a decision-making aid, e.g. when choosing a career. I offer diagnostics for children/adolescents as well as diagnostics for adults.

Psychological diagnostics on a sickness certificate is possible if you bring a referral from a

+ Medical specialist
+ Practical doctor
+ Psychotherapist

to the diagnostic appointment.

A suspected diagnosis according to ICD-10 must appear on the referral form.
Questions where no pathological diagnosis is suspected are excluded from a clinical diagnosis. Existing findings may also be helpful. Please take your e-card and, if necessary, your glasses with you to the diagnostic appointment!


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