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Psychological test procedures

  • Innovative new developments in psychological testing procedures
  • ONLINE or in the proven paper and pencil version
  • Test procedures in more than 18 languages

IR&C, Dr. Jörg Prieler, has been carrying out consulting in a wide variety of areas with great success for many years. The secret of our success lies in the balanced symbiosis of our approach to the needs of our clients, motivated employees and the use of the latest technologies and findings.
Dabei ist es uns ein äußerst wichtiges Anliegen, dass unsere Arbeit stets auf den neuesten wissenschaftlichen Standards basiert. Zwecks besserer und objektiverer Überprüfbarkeit unserer Arbeit durch die Kundschaft haben wir unsere Arbeit in ein offizielles Regelwerk eingebettet, in die österreichische ÖNORM D 4000:2017-12, in die deutsche DIN Norm 33430 (2002) bzw. in die internationalen ITC Richtlinien. (Guidelines der International Test Commission, 2001)

This Reference to official and recognized standards haben wir bewusst gewählt, um uns von anderen Anbietenden deutlich abzugrenzen. Wir sind der Meinung, dass vorhandene Qualitätsstandards genutzt und befolgt werden sollten, erstens weil man dadurch anerkannte rules for correct project implementation, secondly transparent verifiability is guaranteed by customers and thirdly, in the course of the standardization of European directives and laws, dies auch in immer stärkerer Weise von den Unternehmen gefordert werden wird. Privatmeinungen bzw. „Scharlatanerie“ von unseriösen Anbietenden soll damit ein Riegel vorgeschoben werden.

Recognition of domestic offenders - tendencies towards radicalism & critical mental deficits

Health insurance psychology

  • Psychological diagnostics
  • Kostenlos auf Krankenschein

We are pleased to count many different groups of people, institutions, adult education facilities, national and international airlines, private companies, healthcare facilities and agencies among our customers.

Work, Organizational & Business Psychology

  • Vocational aptitude tests and career counseling
  • Personnel selection and development

Weapons law reliability check

Indispensable in the following cases:

  • Security employees who carry a weapon
  • Sport shooters
  • Inheritance of weapons
  • There is a demonstrable, increased need for security
  • Other reasons...

Company philosophy

Our company stands on 4 different fertile soils, from which our company philosophy grows almost without any help:
Customer satisfaction, transparency, scientificity, communication

The 4 soil types:

Customer satisfaction:
We strive for 100% satisfaction with our products, develop tools that are as user-friendly as possible, use an extremely stable system that virtually eliminates crashes and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

On request, meetings and consultations focusing on the status and progress of the project: professional feedback for the customer; automatic cost estimate possible via the Internet; transparent pricing for our services: If parts of the project can be taken over by the customer themselves, we will inform them accordingly (e.g. they can cover parts of the training themselves with their own employees)

We incorporate the latest findings into our daily work. Thanks to our collaboration in an international consulting network and our company's own scientific activities (including scientific lectures and presentations), we breathe air enriched with the latest findings every day. These findings are immediately passed on to our customers for the purpose of analyzing their usability: Not everything modern is always useful; thus the 'restructuring storm' that has broken out, which has gripped almost every company and very often leads to staff cuts, all too often turns out to be a headwind...'. Conclusion: There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, but it is possible to improve performance in almost every company, usually in the organizational or closely related area of communication, with the same number of staff.

100% commitment from our employees and flexible working hours. For this reason, we can guarantee that we can respond to questions, requests, complaints or suggestions from interested parties and/or customers within the shortest possible time (24 hours).

Flow Check App

Welcome to Flow-Check - the mental fitness analyzer. It can give you an insight into your mental fitness by analyzing data from conventional heart rate belts.

Bio/neurofeedback therapy

Areas of application

  • Pain syndromes (migraine and tension headaches; chronic back pain)
  • Cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure (in addition to drug therapy), Raynaud's syndrome
  • Anxiety and panic disorders, depression, functional disorders, psychosomatic complaints
  • Urinary and fecal incontinence
  • ADHD, epilepsy
  • Vaginism
  • Tinnitus
  • neuromuscular rehabilitation
  • Stress management, peak performance training

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Psychological online counseling

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