KOMPASS - Psychological online counseling

What is KOMPASS?

Individual support and Counseling for adolescents and adults in individual settings and thus responding to the individual problems of each person.

The aim of the AMS financed measure is to increase the chances of re-entering or qualifying for the labor market. As part of the measure, we support unemployed people in Burgenland with various difficulties. We are there to discuss private, work-related, interpersonal or any other problems and provide impulses for finding solutions.

We listen without judgment, advise, accompany and offer various methodswhich primarily relate to the following topics: Job search, resources, financial management, relaxation, stress management, anxiety management, self-esteem enhancement, and much more.

The program starts with a personal interview (locations: at the respective regional AMS offices, Vamos in Oberpullendorf, IR&C office in Pinkafeld, IR&C office in Großhöflein) and a subsequent test. The test may include performance tests (logical thinking, memory, concentration, etc.), personality tests and interest tests. Subsequently, 10 counseling sessions are planned, which take place by appointment and can be held online, by telephone or in person.

This is a voluntary measure that is free of charge for people registered with the AMS.