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Privacy Policy

Clarification on the information obligation (privacy policy)

The protection of your personal data is of upmost concern to us. Therefore, we solely use your data based on legal regulations (GDPR, TKG 2003). In this clarification on your data protection we want to inform you on the most important aspects of data and information processing on our website.

If you contact us via contact form on our website or via e-mail, your data will be stored for the duration of the business relation to be able to process your enquiry. It will be sored further six months in case follow-up questions should occur. This data will not be passed on without your consent.

Google Analytics Privacy Policy

We use the Google Analytics tool on our website created by the company Google LLC (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) to statistically analyse visitor data. For that matter, Google Analytics uses targeted cookies.

Google Analytics Cookies

  • _ga

    • Elapse time: 2 years

    • Usage: distinction of website visitors

    • Example value: GA1.2.1326744211.152211077310

  • _gid

    • Elapse time: 24 hours

    • Usage: distinction of website visitors

    • Example value: GA1.2.1687193234.152211077310

  • _gat_gtag_UA_<property-id>

    • Elapse time: 1 minute

    • Usage: derating of the request rate; if Google Analytics is provided by the Google Tag Manager, this cookie is called _dc_gtm_

    • Example value: 1

You can find further information on the terms of use and the privacy policy here: and here:


Our concern in hinsight of the GDPR is the improvement of our offerings and our website. The privacy of our users is crucial to us. User data is therefore pseudonymised. Data processing is done based on the legal regulations of the §96, 3 TKG as well as on the article 6 of the EU-GDPR.

Deactivation of data processing by Google Analytics

With the Browser-Add-On for deactivation by Google Analytics-JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js) website visitors are able to prevent Google Analytics from using their data. You can prevent the gathering of cookies, the gathering of data in terms of your usage of the website as well as the processing of this data by Google by downloading and installing the browser Plugin here:

Google Analytics IP Anonymisation

We have implemented the IP address anonymisation created by Google Analytics on our website. This function was developed so that our and every website can adhere to current privacy and data regulations and recommendations of local data protection authorities if those prohibit the storage of the full IP address. Anonymisation and respectively the masking of the IP takes place once those addresses reach the Google Analytics data processing network and before any storage or processing actually takes place.

You can find further information on the IP anonymisation here:

Google Analytics Reports on demographic characteristics and interests

The Google Analytics feature for targeted advertising reports is activated on our website. Those reports include demographic characteristics and interests like age, sex and individual interest. With these reports we are able to get a clearer picture of our users without being able to pinpoint the characteristics to a specific user. You can find out more about this feature here: auf
You can terminate the processing of activities and information of your Google account under the point “Ad Settings” here:

Google reCAPTCHA Privacy Policy

We use the reCAPTCHA by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) to prevent spam. Legal basis for the usage is article 6 (1) f (legitimacy of processing, because there is a justified interest to protect our website from bots and spam.

reCAPTCHA is a free application, that protects websites from spam and misuse. It uses risk analysing techniques to differentiate people from bots. With the new API, a significant part of valid, human users will be able to pass the reCAPTCHA without having to solve a CAPTCHA. We use reCAPTCHA for securing our forms.

By using reCAPTCHA, data is transmitted to Google so they can determine if the visitor is human or a (spam)bot. Which specific data is gathered and used by Google can be seen here:

You can find the terms of use for services and products from Google here:

Processing of personal data
If you use our online test-system or contact us with any other reason, it is inevitable that you disclose personal data to us. This data is solely used for the exact purpose for which we were provided with the data. Your name, address and other personal data is only stored for the purpose of testing or compliance of any other service. The processing of the data is done based on the legal regulations of §96 (3) TKG as well as article 6 (1) of the EU-GDPR. The data is only stored for the duration of our services. If there are no specific legal regulations or a obligation to preserve record bound by contract, the data is deleted after the termination of business relations.

Data dissemination to third parties
Eine Weitergabe Ihrer Daten an Dritte ist grundsätzlich nicht vorgesehen. In seltenen Fällen sind wir aber gesetzlich dazu verpflichtet oder zur Erfüllung der vereinbarten Dienstleistung ist die Weitergabe Ihrer Daten an Dritte unvermeidlich. Darüber informieren wir Sie aber ausreichend. Externe Partnerfirmen erhalten nur die notwendigsten, personenbezogenen Daten. Überdies stellen wir im Rahmen unserer Möglichkeiten sicher, dass unsere externen Partnerfirmen sich nach denselben, strengen Richtlinien bzgl. der Datenweitergabe an Dritte richten wie wir.

Your rights
You have the right to be informed, right of access, right to rectification, right to erase/to be forgotten, right to restrict processing, right to data portability, right to object and rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. If you think that our processing of data contravenes the privacy policy, the GDPR or your own demands in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact our data security coordinator and if necessary, raise a complaint at the regulatory body. In Austria, this regulator is the Datenschutzbehörde.

Server failure
If our server fails temporarily and our online test-system or any other service is therefore unavailable, no liability claims can be made due to that technical error. In the unlikely case of a server failure, we will work relentlessly on the quick reinstallation of our server. This agreement is valid for customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

You can find the official GDPR guidelines from the Austrian data protection authority here: DSGVO Leitfaden

Furthermore, we are convenanted to the psychologist act (Psychologengesetz) 2013, which specifically touches on the subject of discretion of the treating psychologist concerning patient data.


Recorded Data

The Flow-Check-App only records RR-intervals from the breast strap as well as date and time. All other values are calculated from that. Additionally, the user can register activities and fill out the questionnaire. All this data is summarized and saved as a session. If there is a video session, recordings are made via camera and microphone as well.


Optionally, the user can specify age and sex. This data is solely used for the evaluation.

Furthermore, previous assessments are saved and taken into consideration for new calculations. This assessment history is independent from saved sessions and cannot be deleted.


Besides the already stated data, settings will be saved. Those are:

  • Chosen device for the heart rate monitoring (breast strap)

  • Time for the reminder to do the questionnaire

  • Type of fitness-notification (deactivated, sound, vibration, both)

  • Desired length of short-term-sessions

Furthermore, technical information is saved, e.g. if the dialogue window has already been shown, the previously opened site…


The Flow-Check-App requires following data security concerning permissions:

  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth administration: is used to connect the breast strap with a device.

  • Location: is necessary to be able to search for Bluetooth devices in your surroundings; this permission is asked for by Android, because it is theoretically possible to determine a position from a data base of known Bluetooth devices; Flow Check does not undertake a location determination so the permission can be withdrawn after setting up the breast strap.

  • Camera and audio recordings: is used for the recording of video sessions.

Storage, processing and export

All data and settings are saved and processed exclusively locally, i.e. on the device. Flow-Check transfers no data automatically or in the background.

If desired by the user, the IBI-data and PDF-reports (only available in the premium version) can be exported.
These files are then saved to the chosen memory space and can then be send or used in any other way. This happens outside of the Flow-Check’s range of influence.

External services

If the device is configurated accordingly, all data and settings can be saved. That happens automatically through an external service like Google Drive. This as well is outside of the Flow-Check’s range of influence.

If the app was downloaded via the Google Play Store, the Play Store automatically gathers user data on the used device. Furthermore, automatic reports are sent to Google Play if the App crashes. We use all this data confidentially to improve our App.

Manual report of errors

Additionally to the automatic crash messages, encountered problems and errors can also be reported manually. For that matter, the user sends a pre-filled e-mail to the given address (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!) from their own e-mail programme.

Besides the error report, information on the used device is transmitted like free and occupied storage space, internal memory, processor, Android version, device manufacturer/type/modell…
We use all this data confidentially to improve our App.

Links to external applications

The Flow-Check-App contains links to external applications, especially to our website, online support as well as websites and licencing information on used, external Open Source components. All mentioned applications are outside of the Flow-Check’s range of influence.

Arbeits- Organisations- & Wirtschaftspsychologie

Der Wandel in der Arbeitswelt wird nicht nur durch statistische Fakten sichtbar, sondern auch durch die unterschiedlichen Bezeichnungen unserer Gesellschaft: „Wettbewerbsgesellschaft“, “Wissensgesellschaft“, „Hochleistungsgesellschaft“ und manche sprechen auch von einer „Ermüdungs- oder Erschöpfungsgesellschaft“.
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Univ.-Lekt. Mag. Dr. Jörg Prieler

Dr. Jörg Prieler ist Experte im Bereich der Anwendung psychologischer Testverfahren in arbeitspsychologischen Untersuchungen, IT-gestützter Personalauswahl und Testentwicklungen, Klinischer- und Gesundheitspsychologie und in der Methodenforschung.
Er ist Entwickler von zahlreichen Testverfahren, (Mit)Verfasser vieler wissenschaftlicher Artikel und Buchbeiträge und gerngesehener Vortragender auf internationalen Kongressen.

Klinische Gesundheitspsychologie

Die Klinische Gesundheitspsychologie beschäftigt sich mit Themen wie Mobbing, Burnout, Depression, Selbstmordgefährdung, Alkoholismus, Ess-Störungen, Notfallpsychologie, u.v.m.

Wählen Sie ein Thema aus dem Hauptmenü...

Psychologische Online-Beratung

Vorteile der Online-Beratung:

✓ ortsunabhängig
✓ zeitflexibel
✓ unkompliziert

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Kompetenzzentrum für Spielsucht

Spielen ist grundsätzlich eine Tätigkeit, die in der Regel dem Spaß, der Freude, der Anregung und der Entspannung dient. Diese Form des "sozialen Spielens" findet in unterschiedlichen sozialen Kontexten statt und verläuft in der Regel risikoarm. Spielen als solches ist noch nicht als problematisch anzusehen, kann aber eskalieren, sich verselbständigen und zu einem schwerwiegenden Problem mit Krankheitscharakter werden.
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Waffenrechtliche Verlässlichkeitsprüfung

Sie müssen diese Verlässlichkeitsprüfung der Behörde vorweisen, sobald sie einen Waffenführerschein bzw. Waffenpass beantragen.
In folgenden Fällen ist dies unverzichtbar:
> Security Mitarbeiter, die eine Waffe führen
> Sportschützen
> Erbschaft von Waffen
> Ein nachweisbares, erhöhtes Sicherheitsbedürfnis besteht
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Innentäter Test

Insider Threat Risk Inventory - INNENTÄTER Test
Was kann das Innentäter-Risiko-Tool?
Mit diesem Verfahren kann das Risiko einer innerbetrieblichen, von ehemaligen, aktuellen oder potentiellen MitarbeiterInnen ausgehenden Gefahr zur Setzung einer firmenschädigenden oder im Extremfall terroristischen Handlung durch Früherkennung von aggressiven Tendenzen minimiert werden.
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Seminar-Villa Hradil

Entdecken Sie, wo kluge Köpfe arbeiten
Die Durchführung von Seminaren, Work-Shops, Think-Tanks & Pressekonferenzen oder einer Presseveranstaltung sind wichtige Mittel zur Ressourcenförderung bzw. Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, die ein entsprechendes Umfeld erfordern.
Vergessen Sie bitte alle traditionellen Seminar-Settings!
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PT Verlag

Der PT Verlag arbeitet seit Jahren an der Entwicklung innovativer webbasierter Softwaresysteme im Bereich von Test- und Analyseverfahren. Die modulare Software von askQ Testing Systems© wird inzwischen europaweit eingesetzt und zählt zu den führenden Softwareprogrammen.
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Das Projekt „Depresso“ ist ein niederschwelliges, anonymes und kostenloses Angebot. Hierbei werden Menschen bei formalen Angelegenheiten, wie z.B. Telefonaten, E-Mails, Ausfüllen seitenlanger Anträge, Kontakte mit Gläubigern aufnehmen usw., unterstützt. Scannen, E-Mail & Co sind nicht Jedermanns Sache und können zu hohen (psychischen und sozialen) Belastungen führen.
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